Contest Trophies

Contest Trophies

Toastmasters is all about recognizing their members.  Below are some of the trophies that are available to be won in in District 96.


Angela Louie Trophy

Each year the District winner of the International Speech contest will have their name inscribed on the base of the Angela Louie Trophy and retain the trophy until passing it on to the next contest winner.

Angela Louie with her trophyHistory:  During the (2004 -2005) Toastmaster year, Angela Louie did what no other Toastmaster in District 21 (all of British Columbia, Canada) had ever done - win 3 district titles in a row. 

Angela won the Table Topics, Speech Evaluation and International Speech contests.

As a result of winning the District 21 International Speech contest Angela went on to compete in the 2005 World Championships of Public Speaking and win the Silver Medal.

In May 2014 Allan de la Plante (a founding member of Politically Speaking and Angela's coach all through her journey to the international stage) wanted to honor Angela's  achievement.  Allan created the trophy and donated it to the newly created District 96 - on behalf of Politically Speaking Toastmasters (renamed - February 2018 - to Speak Your Mind Toastmasters Club)

The beautiful bronze trophy was unveiled at the first District 96 spring conference in May 2015 in Prince George, British Columbia.

A small plaque at the base of the trophy is inscribed with the words...

In 2004 & 2005 Angela Louie did what no one in BC Toastmasters had ever done. She won 3 district titles in a row: Table Topics, International Speech, and Evaluation. She then won the Regional title to become one of the top 10 competitive speakers in the world. At the 2005 world championships of Public Speaking, Angela became the first BC Toastmaster to win a silver medal. her mission is to inspire people to do great things.

This award is presented to District 96 by Politically Speaking Toastmasters.



Anne Kramer Cup

Each year the District winner of the Speech Evaluation contest will have their name inscribed on the base of the Anne Kramer Cup and retain the trophy until passing it on to the next contest winner.

The Anne Kramer Cup, was created to honor the dedication and remarkable leadership of Anne Kramer.

Anne Kramer CupJust before Anne took over as District Governor - 2004-2005 - District 21 was one of the largest Districts in the world.  It was also a struggling District.  When Anne was elected District Governor, she announced that the District theme for the coming year would be “Dare To Win” and set the goal of taking District 21 to #1 Club in the world during her term as District Governor.  Knowing Anne’s tenacity and dedication, almost everybody felt that if anyone could lead District 21 to #1 in the world, Anne could – and would!

Anne worked tireless the whole year and on the morning of June 30th, 2005, District 21 was #1 in the world!  When the final tally was made that day, D21 finished at #3.  Even so, it was one of the most remarkable turnarounds in the 80-year history of Toastmasters in B. C.  It is also a record that will be hard to match!

Anne passed away in 2007.

Anne was President of several Clubs including Advanced Aurators, a Club that focuses on speech evaluations.  When District 96 decided to create a Speech Evaluation contest trophy in memory of Anne Kramer - Advanced Aurators was thrilled to provide the Anne Kramer Cup.