BC Toastmaster Celebrates 50 Years

“I stood back, guided and filled in the gaps.”

Distinguished Toastmaster Frank Coldicott recently returned from a visit with his daughter in Australia. While he was there, father and daughter, both wood crafters, designed and constructed homemade Adroinnock chairs.  While Frank’s daughter is still exploring her abilities, Frank said he was most content to stand back, guide and fill the gaps in her training.

Much like he has done for our Morningstars Toastmasters club on the Sunshine Coast in Gibsons, British Columbia and many clubs across British Columbia, Canada.

Communication Programs

Not sure what to do after you get your CC?  Overwhelmed by all the Advanced Communication Manuals?  District 4, in Californais,  has in depth details of what is in Competent Communication and beyond! It's great resources for anyone who is about to finish their CC and curious what they can do afterwards.


Pathways Reference Guide

The Pathways Reference Guide consolidates all 10 paths, the five levels and the projects and assignments required to complete the paths.

This Guide is intended to act as a portable reference to help club members and leaders to better understand the components and flow of the pathways learning experience.