Gavel Clubs

Gavel clubs provide Toastmasters members and clubs with an excellent opportunity for community service.

Gavel clubs are a way of providing Toastmasters’ self-improvement methods and materials to people who may be ineligible for regular membership due to age, inability to pay dues or other circumstances. They can be found in high schools, colleges, rehabilitation institutions, hospitals and elsewhere.

Gavel Clubs in District 96

The Majestic Flying Toasters Gavel Club

Starting Date: Oct 2, 2014
Location:  Room 105, Northern Lights College, Fort St. John, BC
Coordinator: Joyce Hadland-Wesenberg, MA 

How Do Gavel Clubs Operate?

In many ways, Gavel clubs operate in the same way ordinary Toastmasters clubs do. They have the same club officer titles, use the same communication track manuals and follow similar club meeting protocols. Gavel club members are not, however, referred to as Toastmasters; they are called “Gaveliers.”

Gavel clubs differ in that they have limited access to the leadership track awards and materials, cannot participate in Toastmasters area and district speech contests and do not enjoy many of the privileges and benefits that come with full membership in Toastmasters.

How to Form a Gavel Club

To form a Gavel club, your group must meet all of the criteria listed below.

Gavel Clubs:

  • must not be composed of employed adults;
  • must not be eligible to charter as a regular Toastmasters club;
  • may include members who are under 18;
  • must have the approval or endorsement of its host institution;
  • must use the program, methods, procedures, materials and services of Toastmasters International, whenever possible; and
  • must apply to Toastmasters International for a Certificate of Affiliation.

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