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DIv S COT: The game of Executives!

SNC Lavalin - 745 Thurlow (Thurlow &Alberni) 6:30pm to 8:30pm Spaces available, trainers welcomed. 

- Guest speaker 


1. Attendees will be organized on teams, having one member for role (Pres, VP Ed, VP Mem, etc...)

2. On a TT fashion, each participant of the teams by role will provide an answer to the same question

3. There is a judge that vote for the vest response. (members that are performing their first COT)

4. Finally the trainer for that role wrap it up highlighting the best of each answer


Example: Presidents: What is your role when a new member hasn't done its ice breaker after a year?   

1. each president of each group will provide its answer 

2. other are outside and can discuss among them (latter ones will have an advantage, but the idea is that the audience learn, not who knows more)

3. the judges give point to each answer (to keep the "game" part of the experience)

4. The Trainer for President provides his answer and emphasize on resources for solving this and other issues that can have on the club

5. then a question is given to the VP Ed, and so on.


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