Advanced Leaders Lab - Pathways Workshop

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Advanced Leaders Lab (ALL)
:  Saturday, June 16, 2018
Time:  10:00 am arrival; 10:15 am Call to Order

Location:   280-145 Chadwick Court, North Vancouver.   Parking:  Free at ICBC.  Transit to Lonsdale Quay.  We are located in beautiful North Vancouver east of the SeaBus along walkway towards Lonsdale Quay Market, next to Coffee Bun, near Starbucks. The building has a glassed-in round foyer - somebody will be there to greet you. The meetings are on the 2nd floor in room 280.  Be aware that this location is locked and not accessible once the meeting starts.

Program:  PATHWAYS WORKSHOP: Education Session of the Pathways Program.  This Pathways Workshop will be of interest to club members, Base Camp Managers (Club President, Club VPED and Club Secretary), and especially advanced Toastmasters who want to know what Pathways has for them.  Workshop, led by Maureen McBeath, begins about Evaluation. [Maureen McBeath was the 'test speaker' for the Evaluation Contest at the District 96 Spring Conference 2018.]  Following will be a demonstration of Pathways by Speaker Jennifer O'Donnell, who will be delivering a Speech and adjusting with a Revised Speech, after hearing an Evaluation.  All attendees can use the Evaluation Forms to note changes they observe, followed by Discussion and Review of the new Pathways evaluation process and resources.  Plus, 10 Paths of Pathways and how advanced speakers can select best path for their needs.  This meeting is a great opportunity to invite guests to learn more about Pathways.

Contact:  Maureen McBeath

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