Meetup Groups For Clubs To Use


Meetup Groups For Clubs To Use

The district has over half a dozen meetup groups available for clubs to promote upcoming open houses and competitions. A great way to get your club in the presence of hundreds of people. We know that not all clubs have their own meetup group and thus these groups function as communal meetup groups for clubs that do not have the resources to operate one. The groups district clubs can post consists of two types: Geographic based and interest based. 

Geographic Groups (You can set up repeat events for your club meetings):

Special interest groups (groups we have permission to post 1 time open houses) : (Learn social skills) (Great for food themed meetings) (Great way to tap into a huge community of shy people who need communication skills) (For career builders & qualified requests only)

How to get started posting:

1- Join the group that you are interested in 

2- Send a message to the group organizer/manager specifying your club and role and interest in posting. 

3- Upon granted posting privileges, you can proceed on to posting 

Clubs are encouraged to choose 1 or 2 meetup groups and post there and check on a regular basis as guests may be asking questions on it. 


Looking for Meetup managers: 

We are looking for club officers who can serve as meetup organizers/managers. The role consists of helping introduce some of these meetup groups to your club officers to meet up and helping new users on meetup fit in (find the right club). This community role is great for any district officer or club officer wanting to help take their club to the next level. 

If you are interested, please email