Open House Incentive


Open House Incentive

TM open house








District 96 has a very special incentive to help you increase your club’s membership by holding an open house for your club in February and/or March.


Each club hosting an open house is eligible for $50 cash reimbursement if they sign up 2 new members by March 31, 2018. This is to help with the cost of food (up to $25), printing, and promotional materials.


Talk up Toastmasters – if you successfully sign up 5 members by March 31, 2018, you will also get additional $50 gift certificate to the Toastmasters International store.


To maximize the benefits of Toastmasters, it’s recommended that new members join for a minimum of six month.





1. Hold an open house before March 31, 2018. Limit: one incentive per club.


2. Get a pre-approval by contacting me ( before you hold your open house. Include the following information – club name, day of the open house, expected expenses.  


3. Take pictures and share your success on District 96 Facebook group.


4. Submit original receipts with a screenshot of the post in the Facebook group. Include the names of the new members.



Resources for your open house:






  • Promote your open house
    • Email prospective members, past members
    • Update your club website
    • Take advantage of free advertising in local papers, local radio, coffee shops, libraries, etc.
    • Create a tri-fold brochure and drop them off at local businesses
    • Drop off Toastmasters magazines and add a label with your club’s name, website, meeting day, time, and contact
    • Advertise on District 96 Facebook page.
  • Have sufficient number of Toastmasters agendas printed.
  • Have one of your members (or a guest) do a speech from a CC manual about how they personally benefitted from Toastmasters.
  • Ask potential future members to come again and invite them to join the club.
  • Have registration forms ready, know your fee structure.
  • Create a guest kit folder consisting of:
    • Greeting letter
    • Tri-fold brochure to promote your club
    • Meeting outline with brief role descriptions
    • Membership application
    • Toastmasters magazine, include a label with your club’s contact information
    • Welcome guest form (name, phone number, email, how they found out about your club, what skills they’re trying to enhance, etc.)
  • Have a new member kit available
    • Same as above
    • Also include a copy of the ice breaker



February is officially recognized as Toastmasters Month by the Province of British Columbia:



TM open house