Speech Contests

Update: September 6, 2017

Below are some crucial (and updated) information regarding the four Speech Contests taking place in the 2017-2018 Toastmasters year in District 96. 

Twice a year, the district holds speech contests, in the fall and in the spring.

At the Fall 2017 Conference in Whistler we will hold the Table Topics and Tall Tales contests; while at the Spring 2018 Conference in Burnaby, we will hold the Evaluation and International Speech contests.

The winner of the International Speech can move on to the World level contests (semi-final and final) taking place at the 2018 International Convention in August (in Chicago) while the winner of the other three contests will retain the District Champion title.

Speech contests provide an opportunity for Toastmasters to gain speaking experience as well as an opportunity for other Toastmasters to observe proficient speakers. There are also leadership opportunities embedded within the process of running a speech contest. Win-win for everyone involved.

Important Information

  1. If a club can't hold a contest, they can appoint/nominate contestant(s) to compete in the area contest. Club contest is the only level where contestants can be nominated to move on to the next level; areas and divisions must hold a contest in order to send a contestant up to the next contest level even if they only have one contestant in their contest. In special circumstances, the club may be able to send two contestants to the area contest (see item #3 below)
  2. If a Toastmaster competes and wins first place in multiple club contests, they can only move forward to ONE Area Contest. The competitor will need to choose which Area Contest they will compete in and inform the other club and area contest officials so the second (or subsequent) place winner may move on in their place. Contest Officials, see #6 below regarding notification of winners.
  3. Eight weeks prior to the Area Contest if an Area has four or fewer assigned clubs in good standing: clubs can send the top two winners from each club speech contest to compete at the area speech contest.Currently, the Areas that qualify are:
    • Division B: Areas 20, 23
    • Division D: Areas 41, 42, 45 and 49 (all areas)
    • Division H: Areas 69, 72, 73 and 76 (all areas)
    • Division J: Area 87
    • Division L: Areas 82, 83
    • Division M: Areas 81, 90, 94
    • Division N: Areas 70, 71, 74 and 77 (all areas)
    • Division S: Area 27
    • Division T: Area 75, 78, 79, 97 (all areas)
  4. If a Division has four or fewer Areas: each area can send the top two winners from each area speech contest to compete at the Division speech contests. Divisions that qualify are: Divisions B, D, H, J, L, M, N, S, and T. (all divisions in District 96 qualify)
  5. Since District 96 has 9 Divisions, Divisions can only send one winner on to compete in the District contest.
  6. At ALL contest levels, when sending the notification of winners to the next / higher contest level, be sure to list ALL of the contestants, not just the top three winners. Life happens and some competitors can't make it to the next level. Please be kind enough to leave an option for the next contestant in line to compete in that circumstance. See Notification form
  7. Makes sure you read The current Speech Contest Rulebook is the guide for the fall and spring contests.
  8. Remember to have FUN! Cheer your fellow toastmasters on as they compete!

Additional Resources

Need a starting point on how to conduct a club speech contest? Check out this Contest Chair resource page created by Rodney Denno, DTM.

For digital versions of all of the contest paperwork files, check out Toastmasters Digital Library on the Toastmasters International website (www.toastmasters.org)

If you are a contest judge or Chief Judge and would like to learn more about the judging roles, you can email the District 96 Program Quality Director, Eleanor Kroeger: eleanorkroeger@gmail.com 

Learn more about judging and speech contests through Toastmasters Speech Contest Tutorials. Each lesson is quick to review and learn.