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Club Club Number Area Divison
Toastmasters of Today Club 7291 Area B20 Division B
Kerrisdale Toastmasters Club 2460 Area B20 Division B
Fyrebyrde Toastmasters Club 8051 Area B21 Division B
Racquenteurs Club 9740 Area B21 Division B
Advanced Speakers Club (ASK) 4589 Area B21 Division B
Club Kaizen 6096841 Area B21 Division B
The RJC Toastmasters Club 4992745 Area B21 Division B
Earth Aware Toastmasters Club 8237 Area B22 Division B
Night Vision Toastmasters Club 8139 Area B22 Division B
Easy Speakers 2837872 Area B22 Division B
Connaught City Hall 4328 Area B22 Division B
Teekay Toasters 4852190 Area B22 Division B
Vancouver Toastmasters Club 59 Area B23 Division B
University Staff Toastmasters Club 1816260 Area B23 Division B
Walter Gage Toastmasters Club 3169 Area B23 Division B
Centennial Toastmasters Club 6456 Area B20 Division B
Langara Toastmasters Club 6829401 Area B20 Division B
Marpole Community Toastmasters Club 4812 Area B20 Division B
Community North Advanced 2741808 Area D41 Division D
Achievers Toastmasters Club 4560 Area D42 Division D
Cariboo Club 786 Area D42 Division D
City Centre Toastmasters Club 9164 Area D42 Division D
Mile 0 Communicators Toastmasters Club 647256 Area D42 Division D
Prince Rupert Toastmasters Club 4386472 Area D45 Division D
Bulkley Valley Club Smithers 2293 Area D45 Division D
Terrace Toastmasters Club 6062 Area D45 Division D
Nechako Toastmasters 2046 Area D45 Division D
Spruce Capital Club 2171 Area D41 Division D
Robson Valley Toastmasters Club 8904 Area D41 Division D
Plaza 400 Toastmasters Club 6252 Area D42 Division D
Prince George Toastmasters 3081 Area D41 Division D
Quesnel Toastmasters Club 3197 Area D41 Division D
Williams Lake Toastmasters 4411348 Area D41 Division D
Toast'teryx 3429039 Area H72 Division H
Advanced Leaders Lab (ALL) 3193346 Area H72 Division H
Harbourside Toastmasters 1394336 Area H72 Division H
Morningstars Toastmasters Club 1248 Area H73 Division H
Sunshine Toastmasters 5403 Area H73 Division H
Beachcombers Advanced 1494034 Area H73 Division H
North Shore Toastmasters 1085 Area H76 Division H
Mountain Spirit Whistler TM Club 8376 Area H76 Division H
Sea To Sky Toastmasters 4111115 Area H76 Division H
Logos Toastmasters Club 9412 Area H76 Division H
Coastmasters 6495600 Area H73 Division H
Friendship Club 1734 Area H69 Division H
Speakerhub Club 322 Area H69 Division H
District Dialoguers Club 6127 Area H69 Division H
Quay Speakers Toastmasters Club 6155 Area H72 Division H
World Class Toastmasters Club 7475 Area J80 Division J
PARAKEETS Toastmasters Club 1827173 Area J87 Division J
Glenlyon Toastmasters 2945976 Area J85 Division J
Telespeakers Club 2328 Area J86 Division J
Metro Speakers Club 4371 Area J86 Division J
autoTOASTERS Club 6978222 Area J85 Division J
Burnaby Entrepreneurs Toastmasters Club 5265003 Area J86 Division J
Speakeasy Club 5818 Area J86 Division J
Kwik Witted Linguists 1872116 Area J85 Division J
Be Amazing 5700655 Area J85 Division J
Club Met Toastmasters Burnaby 853387 Area J86 Division J
FortiMasters 1254308 Area J86 Division J
Burnaby Toasters Club 3872 Area J87 Division J
Spoken Word Toastmasters 1086799 Area J87 Division J
Roadsters Club 692859 Area J87 Division J
Competitive Speakers Vancouver 4439367 Area J87 Division J
Douglas Toastmasters 2279512 Area J80 Division J
Community Impact Speakers 813114 Area J85 Division J
Just Pros Toastmasters 1703259 Area J80 Division J
All Pro Advanced 1638829 Area J80 Division J
AC/DC Toastmasters 2451503 Area J85 Division J
Tillicum Toastmasters 3435 Area J80 Division J
Power Speakers Club 6907 Area J80 Division J
PMI Vancouver Toastmasters 1378547 Area J87 Division J
Velvet Tongues 3271942 Area L82 Division L
Wordy Persons 3584463 Area L83 Division L
Salsa Speakers Club 4931 Area J84 Division L
Golden Speakers Club 9517 Area J84 Division L
Solar Speaks Toastmasters Club 4580673 Area J84 Division L
Speak it Forward 6556152 Area J84 Division L
Speakers Of The House Toastmasters Club 6218 Area J84 Division L
Gold Speak Toastmasters 3262638 Area 54 Division L
PHSA Toastmasters 3697288 Area 54 Division L
Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce 4801014 Area M90 Division M
City of the Arts 1017095 Area M90 Division M
Downtown Coquitlam TM Club 3337150 Area M92 Division M
Top Story Advanced 992549 Area M92 Division M
Exan Express Toastmasters Club 5685162 Area M92 Division M
Burnaby Refinery Avid Talkers 5429106 Area M81 Division M
Lincoln Toastmasters Club 6399 Area M94 Division M
Evergreen Speakers 1847503 Area M92 Division M
Blue Heron Toastmasters 1503295 Area M94 Division M
Golden Ears Christian Toastmasters 3050928 Area M94 Division M
Positively Speaking Club 8116 Area M94 Division M
Chip Chat Toastmasters Club 783215 Area M81 Division M
Burnaby Mountain Toastmasters Club 5989 Area M81 Division M
Stimulight Toastmasters Club 5449 Area M81 Division M
Crystal Clear Speakers Club 1612 Area M81 Division M
Talk of the Town 605658 Area M90 Division M
Rocky Point Club 7743 Area M90 Division M
VTS Orators Toastmasters 4961 Area N71 Division N
Fluor Vancouver Speakers 1481452 Area N71 Division N
Pacific Spirit Toastmasters Club 2938 Area N74 Division N
ACL Transforming 3078055 Area N74 Division N
Vancouver Speakers and Leaders 973 Area N74 Division N
A on Speaking 5158092 Area N74 Division N
Seymour Speakers Club 7239 Area N77 Division N
HSBC Toastmasters - Speaking For Success 822550 Area N77 Division N
Oceanic Plaza Toastmasters 1410465 Area N77 Division N
Toolbox Talks 1549846 Area N77 Division N
Absolutely Toasted 1134527 Area N70 Division N
Speechless Club 8650 Area N70 Division N
Vancore Toastmasters 2149 Area N70 Division N
Aplomb Success KPMG GVA 5333636 Area N70 Division N
SFU Beedie Toastmasters 6655875 Area N71 Division N
Royal-T 8988 Area N71 Division N
SNC-Lavalin Vancouver Toastmasters 3924503 Area N71 Division N
Dunsmuir Power Presenters 2356080 Area S25 Division S
Incognitoast 3209571 Area S25 Division S
Vancouver Entrepreneurs Toastmasters Club 982012 Area S26 Division S
Cloverleaf Toastmasters Club 2769 Area S24 Division S
Burrard Toastmasters Club 1892 Area S26 Division S
Speech Remedy 2325592 Area S27 Division S
Clever Toastmasters Action Bunch 6016172 Area S25 Division S
Pretty Good Talkers 3222965 Area S27 Division S
Artists of Articulation 4576000 Area S27 Division S
Downtown Xpress Club 8844 Area S24 Division S
HSBC Talkmasters @ 885 5820768 Area S24 Division S
Intact Vancouver Toastmasters Club 6625818 Area S25 Division S
Vancity Toastmasters 848879 Area S24 Division S
Babylon Business Booster 6716038 Area S26 Division S
Network Hub Toastmasters 3334989 Area S26 Division S
Declarations Toastmasters Club 4548 Area S27 Division S
Headliners Toastmasters 1529129 Area S25 Division S
Vancouver Mandarin Learners 3134398 Area T79 Division T
St. Paul's Toastmasters 4809564 Area T78 Division T
Sundogs Toastmasters Club 4476 Area T97 Division T
ITD Canada Toastmasters 6949640 Area T78 Division T
Northern Voices Toastmasters Club 614952 Area T97 Division T
Positive Thinkers Toastmasters 3922 Area T79 Division T
BCSC Talking Watchdogs Club 8454 Area T79 Division T
Midnight Sun Toastmasters 5997390 Area T97 Division T
Advanced Aurators (AA) 1709 Area T75 Division T
Global Leaders 2790254 Area T75 Division T
Best Run Toastmasters Club 1588549 Area T75 Division T
Chatr - Blocks 4543721 Area T75 Division T
Positive Expressions Club 5501 Area T78 Division T
100 Success Toastmasters Club 5704588 Area T78 Division T
Speak Your Mind (SYM) 813938 Area T79 Division T
Well-Spoken Professionals (WSP) Toastmasters Club 3638388 Area T78 Division T